The Doyles of Clooncarne and Related Families

This is the study of one side of my personal ancestry and can be considered reasonably complete. It is placed here because of interest shown in the information which has been online since 2016.

This study concerns my maternal ancestry and these pages deal with mainly with the lines of my materal grandparents, John Doyle and Mary Diffley. There are three other lines of significance to these: Reynolds, Kilrane and McGarry.

Of course one thing that anyone who has ever researched in genealogy will already know is that research is never complete. Even in terms of the Doyle family itself, much is unknown about the Doyles of America, let alone their cousins the Nicholls. If extra information does come to light, there could well be updating even to what is presented here regarding the family.

Browsing these pages

In terms of looking around these pages, simply click on the menu items on the left of the screen. Most of the menu item titles are self explanatory. For most people the items of most interest are the 'biographies' of the people involved. Use the Master Index to browse alphabetically through all the names and click on the person(s) of interest. You can also use the Search option to find the person of interest.

The biographies follow a set format which should be apparent on browsing.

  Note that in this online version, details such as Birth, Marriage or Death dates are only given for those people known to be dead. For those either living or not known to be deceased, only names appear. In some cases this hiding of details of living persons gives rise to the appearance of comments such as naming a bridesmaid as "an unknown person".


Data Errors

I have no doubt there are errors in the data. Some of these are typographical and will hopefully be eradicated over time. Some will be factual, especially where a transcript of an original record has been used; I can only hope that anybody browsing the site spotting any such error will let me know.