The data gathered on the various people shown on this site originates from numerous sources, all of which are cited (perhaps not always correctly) throughout the site. Data gathered was then entered into a Genealogy Program.

The Master Genealogist

I have used The Master Genealogist (TMG) since early in the 2000s. I currently use Version 9.05 of the program. It is, in my view, by far the most complete and most flexible software available, and the best choice for the serious genealogist.

TMG allows the user to enter just about any event in a person's life that one can think of. It is almost totally customisable in terms of how the input data is later output. It is not the easiest program to master - I certainly would not claim to have mastered it in any way - but even if all of its features are not fully used, it is, from my experience of trying other programs, by far the best.

Unfortunately, as of 2015, the program has been discontinued. It runs successfully with Windows 10, and is expected to run on the next version of Windows. After that, who knows? The implications are that anybody impressed by the software but not already in possession of the program is unlikely to be able to employ it going forward.

But it can export in GEDCOM and other formats that allow the data to be read by other software.

In addition to this, TMG includes an extremely powerful charting facility. The user can simply tell TMG what to do, and it does it. But the output of the charts can then be further manipulated in terms of layout, colours and so on, so that hugely complex charts can be created.

Second Site

While The Master Genealogist (TMG) has numerous advanced features, one thing it does lack is the ability to present its data in web format.

This is where Second Site comes in. Second Site is a dedicated program that reads data from TMG and helps present it in web format. After that, depending on the user's requirements and web creation skills, there is huge scope for extremely complex and interesting website creation.

This entire Doyles of Clooncarne section of my website has been created using Second Site, and I am currently using Version 8.3 of the program. At time of writing, there is no indication that Second Site will not continue to be available for the foreseeable future.