The following is a personal selection of people in the Doyle family history who I feel, for whatever reason, are slightly more of significance, either because of their deeds, or their relationship to me.

In addition, some new information on three of my great-uncles, Bernard, Michael Joseph and Edward, has been gathered in recent months. Most of the credit for this goes to Laura DeGrazia, U.S. researcher whose expertise unearthed new data on both, and led me to find more. Because of this new data, all three men are now included in this section.

  • Nicholas Doyle The first of the Doyle line to whom we can assign a name.
  • John Doyle (the jailbird) John is included because he is something of a man of mystery
  • Mary Doyle As mother of the Nicholls, and as her fate remains a mystery, Mary is included here
  • John Doyle of Clooncarne My grandfather, and a man I fondly remember.
  • Bridgie Doyle My mother, and the woman who inspired my love for Co Leitrim.
  • Bernie Doyle Fated, it seems, to be the last Doyle of Clooncarne, Bernie passed away on 26th February 2015
  • Edward Doyle (1887 - c 1960) As described in his biography, Edward proved elusive but we now have his photograph (showing a strong resemblence to his brother John and his nephews Eddie and Mikey, as well as some new data on his military service. His fate after 1920 remains unknown.
    It is worth noting that family information was that Edward married Ann Doherty, and his brother Bernard married Ann's cousin Helen Doherty. Research has now shown that Helen's maiden name was Kelly. Repeated efforts to find Edward's marriage have failed but it has to be possible that his wife's surname was not Doherty as thought to date.
  • Michael Joseph Doyle Some new information has been gathered on Michael from the 1940s, but more significantly, his death in 1977 has been confirmed. Family 'knowledge' had placed it in 1975.
  • Bernard Doyle (1896-1975) Bernard is included here because of a major change in what was 'known' about him prior to recent research.

    It was thought that his wife's name was Helen (or Ellen) Doherty, but research has shown she was actually Helen Kelly.