Purpose of Doyle Pages

Reasons why this data is online on this site.

  1. This data was originally provided as a showcase of what my professional research could provide. While this service is no longer available I have received several comments over the years the data has been available from people who found it useful. For their benefit and the benefit of others with Doyle and Diffley roots the data, though somewhat simplified from that originally available, is retained online.
  2. To present this data to the wider genealogical community, in the hope that it will be of interest and use to some. My eventual aim is to place online a significant volume of data on all of the families associated, even if remotely, with the Doyles of Clooncarne, focussing especially on those from Bornacoola Parish, and by so doing perhaps provide not only data of interest to those studying the people that will feature, but also shedding a little light on the life of the families in question in the 19th and early 20th Centuries.
  3. To present the data in a format of my choice, not one forced upon me by various commercial 'tree' sites
  4. As a conscious protest against the sort of data that is frequently found on commercial sites. I have studied numerous trees on Ancestry. Some of them are excellent and wholly reliable. Others are frankly appalling. I feel that to place this data on that, or similar forums, would, by association with so many poorly researched 'trees' bring my work into disrepute. In saying this, I acknowledge fully the thousands of well-researched and well-documented 'trees' that can be found on such sites.