Tracing Your Leitrim Ancestors


Published in Summer 2018, this is another in Flyleaf Press's "Tracing Your ... Ancestors" Series.

The book shows the sources available for research into Leitrim ancestry, and where and how to find them in over 140 pages of detail and contains a full index. The Contents page, below, shows the Chapter Headings.



This book will prove invaluable to anybody researching their Leitrim origins, as it lists not only all of the common sources which can be found in other guides, but also Leitrim specific sources, many of which are available only in manuscript or other offline format, including several that can be found only in Leitrim County Library in Ballinamore. The book covers all areas of the county.

It is unique in that it focusses solely on researching Leitrim ancestry, and with this focus it lists many sources that are not collated and listed in any other single point of reference.

The book is published by Flyleaf Press, part of Ancestor Network, and can be ordered by following the link below: